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Services Suitable for Expo Booth Spaces and Open Market stalls

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Balloon Decor

Columns, walls and various room decor elements to help your stall stand out. Your colours, your logo, your #.   See the e-shop for ideas or ask me to come up with some design ideas just for you.


Themed large balloon puppets hovering just above the crowd. A range of paradables are available but can also be custom designed to suit your needs.  I can wander through the expo sending people to your location, where other balloons can coodinate and draw them in for you to work your magic. 

Art Installation

Suitable for indoor events only.  Any subject imaginable. These can be built on site the day before, or during the expo too (see Woodside example below).  I can guarantee you’ll be the ONLY stall with something this remarkable that people will HAVE to see your display.

Photo Frame

A themed frame from balloons to encourage your guests to take memorable photos in YOUR booth.  See the e-shop for theme ideas.

Quick System

These are super fast to make, but have over 10 000 variations to suit even fussy guests.  Most designs are wearable, so your hands are free to party on.  An environmentally friendly alternative to helium balloons that is as individual as your customers.

Custom Sculpture

Smaller than an art installation, but still as unique. Choose any subject matter and I will sculpt it artistically in latex.  See the gallery for past requests.

More ideas

This will link to a page of images I have found on Google, so not made by me… yet.  All are ideas of things I can make for you to make your booth look amazing.

< A sub-sea multiphase pump made for Woodside during the evening expo.  This attracted a lot of people to their booth to watch it being made.  Many people asked what it was going to be, which allowed the team from Woodside to elaborate and demonstrate their products.  Even the CEO took an interest in the build.

Packages Available

Packages include all balloons and travel within Perth metro. Package tokens can be used for services as above.

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