Adult Private Parties

Because balloons are not "just for kids"

Services Suitable for Adult Private Parties

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sculpture by Request

Hand made incredible sculptures to really WOW your guests, anything goes.  Typically 3-5 minutes per sculpture. If children are present, I prefer to make “family friendly” designs … but if there are no kids… draw your own conclusions.

Wearable experiences

Your guests will not be able to stop taking selfies with these icebreakers.  Need something special for the guest of honour? They will not be missed in one of our VIP hats.  Perfect for drawing attention and crowning them in the spotlight. Click on the image to go to the e-shop and see our current wearable experiences.  Other designs can me made to suit a special theme too.

Custom Sculpture

A special, pre-made sculpture for the guest of honour.  Choose any subject matter and I will sculpt it artistically in latex.  See the gallery for past requests.

Bottle Buddy (Adults only Exclusive)

A truly personalised gift for someone special.  A bottle of wine presented in a custom made balloon sculpture.

(Giver and receiver must be 18+)

Balloon Decor

Columns, walls and various room decor elements to help theme any party.  Click here to see the e-shop for common decor ideas, or click the image below to boost your expectations if “common” is not what you’re after.

Candy Cups

Personalised sculptures on domed cups, ready to be filled with any small treats. Perfect for thank you gifts for your guests. See the e-shop for design ideas.

Photo Frame

A themed frame from balloons to encourage your guests to take memorable photos of your party.  Click the image to see our e-shop current selection.  As always, custom variations are welcome.

More ideas

This will link to a page of images I have found on Google, so not made by my hands, but things I can make for you to make your event amazing.  I can customise ANYTHING to your requirements.  Just remember the old saying: “Fast, Cheap or Good – pick two”.  If you’re after AMAZING… it won’t be cheap.

Diamond Exclusive shirt

A personal touch exclusive to the Diamond Package.  Narelle will design a personalised, lasting memento of the occasion for your guest of honour.  Completely custom designed with your ideas.

If there are two special VIPs, a second shirt can be arranged.

Packages Available

Packages include all balloons and travel within Perth metro. Package tokens can be used for services in the e-shop as marked.

Add ons to any Package

$100 for half an hour extra (+5 guests)

Free delivery for any e-shop items to the party

Please understand that if any children (under 18) are present, I will make only “family friendly” requests


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