Bottle Buddies

A unique way to present a present

Group Size



Indoor preferred

VIP suitable

Absolutely!  (adult only)

Social Media

I’m sure you’ll want to share this!

Price or Package tokens

ONE package token, or on their own, prices start at $20 BYO, plus delivery.

Service Type

Deliverable or presented with an entertainment package.


Make a simple bottle into an extravagant gift, personalised for the recipient.  No need to destroy the artwork to enjoy the wine as the head will easily lift off.

where is it made?

I don’t make the wine… obviously.  The Bottle Buddy design is wrapped onto the bottle and delivered.  If you would like a particular wine dressed up in latex, please arrange to get it to me ahead of the event.  Otherwise, I will provide a wine in line with your budget.  

Will it pop?

Not usually.  Treated respectfully, the head is designed to lift off easily, allowing access to the cork or cap. Bottle Buddies can withstand some handling, however, the very nature of balloons is their facinating fragility and if handled roughly or poked with something sharp, they are BALLOONS and can pop. 

What events would these services suit?

Adult Party

A bottle of wine is a common gift at most adult celebrations – make yours UNcommon and add a flavour of fun to the party!

Wedding present

Stand out among all the elegant gifts with something truely unique and personal to your relationship with the bride and groom.

Grand Opening

Product launch

Prices for Bottle Buddies

See specific event pages to see if there is a Package Deal available. These prices are for just a Bottle Buddy on its own.

Total: $0.00

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