Candy Cups

Premade gifts for your guests

Group Size



Indoor is best to store until needed

VIP suitable

Only if you have a lot of VIPs that need a small gift.

Social Media

The best photo is with them all together.

Price or Package tokens

ONE package token per 10-20 cups depending on style.  See e-shop for options. On their own, prices start from $80 for 10 basic cups (empty)

Service Type

Deliverable before the event, or with an entertainment package I will set it up for you.


Give a special thank you gift to each of your guests. These cups can be themed to your event and make for a unique replacement to party bags.

where is it made?

I premake these.  The cups are empty but can be filled with almost any small treat by removing the dome lid.  I can prefill them if required for an extra fee.

Will it pop?

Not usually, but if handled roughly or poked with something sharp, they are BALLOONS and can pop. Candy cups are delivered in a box and I suggest they stay there, in a cool location, until needed.

What events would these services suit?

Candy cups are delivered empty by default. I can prefill them if required for an extra fee.

birthday party

Adult Party

A fun addition to a hen’s night or any classy party.  Able to adapt to any theme.

Baby Shower

Bridal party

see the e-shop for prices of our current range

As always, customised themes are available.  Please contact us with your requirements.


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