Now This  is Balloon Fine ART

Want to REALLY impress?   

20 years of experience twisted into extraordinary art that no one has ever seen. 

Every piece is unique and sculpted on commission just for you.

Custom Sculpture

Personalised sculptures – anything goes

Group Size



Indoor recommended

VIP suitable

Absolutely – these are one-of-a-kind gifts for someone very special.

Social Media

I’m sure all your guests will want a photo of this.

Price or Package tokens

ONE package token, or on their own, prices start at $200, plus delivery.

Service Type

Narelle is capable of making practically everything.  If you can describe it, or find an image, Narelle can sculpt it with balloons.

Art Installations

Huge pieces with limitless possibilities

Group Size



Indoor only

VIP suitable

Usually for a large audience, but possibilities are unlimited

Social Media

That’s precisely what these are all about.  What would you do if you saw a life-sized dinosaur made from balloons?


$1000 per day, per artist, plus travel, meals and accomodation if necessary.  eg: dinosaur took 2 days

Service Type

Unlike most services, these are not charged by the hour, but by the day.  The bigger the job, the bigger the crew.  Most large builds can last up to a week in good conditions.


There are very few fine artists in the world who work with inflated latex, and you have an Internationally recognised one right here in Perth, Western Australia.

These unique sculptures will be that special gift for someone who is impossible to buy for or amaze your crowd and draw social media attention for your event.

What's the difference?

The main difference between these two services is TIME.  Custom Sculptures typically take 1-2 hours, whereas Art Installations are 1-4 days, often with multiple assistants.

These creations need to be experienced in the flesh.  Photographs do not do them justice. 

where is it made?

I create Custom Sculptures before the event and present it as a finished piece.

Art Installations, as the name implies, are made on location.  It is up to you whether the public watches as the magic grows, or the finished masterpiece is unveiled for your event.  

Will it pop?

The nature of balloons is their facinating fragility.  Unlike small pieces, these fine artworks are really only suitable for indoor display as the elements will dull and possibly pop the artwork before it can be fully appreciated. Dust, heat, time and sunlight are the archenemies of the balloon.

What events would these services suit?


Imagine the social media draw of a world-first creation.  The smaller Custom Sculptures could be raffled to the public and the larger Art Installations will leave memory footprints for years to come.



Raffle Prize


Seasonal Installations

Christmas, Easter, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, St. Valentine’s Day and other iconic events lend themselves very well to large installations, drawing crowds to see the experience.

Grand Openings

Do you want to attract families to your grand opening? Want to thank your future customers for coming? Want some great social media photos full of colour and people having fun?


Expo or market stall

Balloons attract people to your stall where you can inform them of your own services.  I can customise the build to emphasise your brand.

Birthday parties

Child or adult – it doesn’t matter to me. 

Product launch

Perfect for movie premiers or physical product replicas sculpted in balloons

Prices guide

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