How much do you charge?
I can honestly say that I am not the cheapest balloon bender in Perth.  If you are after a quality service, with a genuine smile and unrivalled customer service, do you want a cheap twister or an artist?  I can also honestly say that no-one has ever been disappointed with my work or said that they didn’t get their money’s worth (I have been told that I don’t charge enough on many occasions, but as a parent, I try to make my art affordable for your very special day). The quality of the experience is worth every penny. Several of my package prices are here on my website, but for a more specific quote, please contact me to discuss your needs.
How long will they last?

If you drop your balloon creation on grass or sand, it will most likely pop – they are balloons and balloons can pop.  However, if you take care of your sculpture, and keep it out of direct sunlight, you can expect a day or two of delight.  If you intend to gift it to someone, keep it in a dark plastic bag to limit the air and light exposure which will slow the oxidation process.  

I have had people send me photos of their custom sculptures up to two months later – I can tell how much they’ve loved their balloons (they’re either in great shape as the person has loved them and looked after the sculpture carefully, or they’ve been played with and hugged so much that the love is equally obvious)

TIP: Bring back a balloon’s glossy shine. Put a little car detailing polish (eg ArmorAll) on a cloth or old cotton glove. Massage it into the cloth to spread it out, then rub the cloth over the balloon.  This won’t stop the balloon eventually going down, but it will slow or hide the oxidation clouding effect that balloons get from age or sun.  That oxidation clouding is the first stage of biodegration, so is a natural reminder that balloons are temporary and fragile.

Do you do kids' parties?

Of course.  I have always loved working with children and have a renewed appreciation through my own beautiful offsprings’ eyes.  My son has autism, so I now have a greater appreciation of special needs and am happy to tailor a party to suit even the weirdest requests (I actually DO understand).

Do you do adults' parties?

Of course.  Adults are often just big kids craving a memorable experience.  I have created art of all sorts and some of my favourite requests have been from adults.  There are some requests that are more obvious than others, but I can usually inspire more imaginative requests that guests treasure long after the party is over.

Are they special balloons?
They are “normal balloons”, just high quality and longer than your average round balloon.  The balloons I use are 100% natural latex, mostly Qualatex or Betallic brands.  I keep my stock fresh as old balloons pop more easily. They are completely biodegradable, but do take a couple of years to break down, so I recommend putting any broken balloons in the bin to avoid them becoming a choking hazard to small children and wildlife.
How did you get into balloons?

If you go to the About Us page, you’ll notice that my husband, Michel, is a performer of many talents.  So naturally, when I got engaged to him, I tried to “one-up” him (as a typical Aussie third-child does).  I saw someone doing balloons on a business trip to Sydney.  I thought to myself “ha! something Michel doesn’t do” so I gave it a go and had a natural knack for most things crafty.  I returned to Perth and presented him with a balloon pig, romantically holding a tulip in its mouth – to which he commented “I do balloons too”.  However, he admitted I was much neater and the challenge was on!  We have now been married 20 years and although he has improved greatly, so have I.

My event is today, are you available at short notice?

Probably not, but read on… I’m not a retail store, nor a vending machine.  I am one person (with a helpful family and a few friends if needed).

Booking further ahead is the only way to improve your chances of a “yes” although I do have a few regular jobs that are booked a year or two in advance, so if you’re flexible within a day or two I can almost guarantee you’ll be able to book me.

Even if I have the stock, handmade art takes time and planning.  Please respect that and don’t call me with only an hour’s notice asking for 30 candy cups.

As a general rule, I like at least two weeks notice so I can make sure I have the appropriate stock.  That said, I carry enough balloons to do the Quick System, By Request and most Custom Sculptures at a day’s notice or less.

The bigger the job, the more notice I’ll need as I import many of my specialty balloons from exclusive suppliers.  I can make do with Australian suppliers, but the stock is fresher from the source and, as balloons break down over time, I prefer to work with fresh stock if possible.

What is your environmental policy?

I grew up on a farm and as such have a deep interest in nature.  I’ve written a whole section about the environment on the About Us page.  There are also some cool videos there for people who are curious enough to scroll down that far 🙂

What is your favourite thing to make?
Hmmm…I love seeing the delight in someone’s eye when I make them their favourite thing, so the short answer is “the next request”.  I do have a few designs that I like to suggest if people are stuck, but it varies with the individual standing in front of me.  Personally I love ladybirds and I know a fantastically cute one that is quick too!

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