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This is one day going to be a fully functioning booking system…

This email style booking form will be temporary, as I’m investigating adding a booking calendar and checkout to make things super easy for you.

(but it was holding up the release of my website – I hope you enjoy all the information here)

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Did you know that this site has a FAQ page?

Many questions about booking can be found on that page, and you get an instant answer instead of waiting for me to read your email. 

“Are you available?” is a question I’m hoping the new calendar will answer once it is up and running.  I can answer this best if I know when and where your event is happening – the more details the better, but I can work with “vague” if it is months ahead.

But questions like “how much” and “what do you do?” are answered here on the site in general.  I can always customise a package for you, but have a look around to see what interests you and might fit your budget.


Before you leave…

Before you leave, I particularly like the page about us, so please visit – I tried to make it interesting and not just our contact details. Check it out!



PS: The simple maths problem in the form is not a test of your intelligence, but to check that you’re not a robot…  (if it’s too hard, refresh the page and a new one will pop up).  I used to be “Professor Maths”, so if you recognise me, it may have been from when you were in primary school…

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