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These are NOT my own work, and are credited to the original artist on the image if I can.  All the other balloon images on my site are my own work, or I have permission to use them as the original designer has instructed me on how to recreate them to the same standard (or better).


These are just ideas that I like and am capable of creating something similar to your requirements.  Some use equipment or colours or balloon types that I do not regularly stock, so please understand that I do not intend to replicate another artist’s work exactly. These are fully within my range of abilities – I will not put an image of something I am not able to create.


Balloon artists exist all over the world, but we are a very special and unique bunch.  We love to share ideas, and give credit where due.  You may not be able to hire the original artist, but we share similar skills.


These are all images I found on Google and they suit my style.  I’m just saving you the trouble of saying “Can you make this?”, referring to something you found online.  The answer is probably “yes”, keeping in mind that I have a strong environmental stance and avoid helium and foils where possible (as you can see, there are some foils used in the photos below, but they’re just so pretty).  Consider this my own version of Pintrest, for things I’d like the excuse to make.


If you like something here, please contact me to discuss your own needs.


If you are the creator of one of these pieces, firstly, you are awesome, secondly, if I have not credited you, or if the image is mis-credited, PLEASE contact me and I will correct the image or remove it from here if so requested.  Please see your work displayed here as peer-praise and sharing to the wider world.  I will include a link too if you provide one, so your full portfolio can be seen by other admirers.


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