Photo Frames

A great way to encourage guests to take photos

Group Size

Unlimited, but 1-5 faces fit best at one time.



VIP suitable

At VIP events, yes, but not designed to be a gift.

Social Media

That’s the idea!  I can even add your own #hashtag to the frame design.

Price or Package tokens

ONE package token, or on their own, prices start at $200, plus delivery.

Service Type

Deliverable before the event, or with an entertainment package I will set it up for you.


Photo frames encourage attendees to take selfies and post images of the fun they are having at your event. Every shared image will spread your theme or brand.

I can also provide a box of balloon props or some fun balloon hats to make the experience even more fun!

where is it made?

I usually premake the design, and add it to the frame uprights on location.  Height adjustable to suit the average face height of attendees. 

The frame bases are good quality, but do not need to be returned.  If you are booking mulitiple events, I can give a discount if you keep the frames in good condition and reuse them.

Will it pop?

Not usually.  Treated respectfully, the frame is designed to withstand bumping and some handling.  However, the very nature of balloons is their facinating fragility and if handled roughly or poked with something sharp, they are BALLOONS and can pop.  Not recommended for outdoor use.

What events would these services suit?



birthday party

Gender Reveal Party

Get two frames: Team Blue and Team Pink.  Have guests choose which one they stand behind and take a photo as proof, then, once revealed, pop the evidence!


Family Fun Day

Adult Party

A fun addition to a hen’s night or any party.  Able to adapt to any theme, this is sure to bring out the cameras and capture who was the most photogenic that evening.

Grand Opening

Do you want to attract families to your grand opening? Want to thank your future customers for coming? Want some great social media photos full of colour and people having fun?

Expo or market stall

Balloons attract people to your stall where you can inform them of your own services.

Product launch

Office photos

For a bit of a change of pace, take photos of your work teams at your training days or office party.  Themed however you choose.

see the e-shop for prices of our current range

As always, customised theme frames are available.  Please contact us with your requirements.


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