Product Launch & Grand openings

Social media heaven... How can I help draw a crowd and reward attendance?

Services Suitable for Celebrating a Launch

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Your mascot or product might be suitable as a balloon costume.  Imagine the social media photo opportunities with your product mingling with the crowd. Fine details like branding, logos or product names can be added with vinyl.


Themed large balloon puppets hovering just above the crowd. A range of paradables are available but can also be custom designed to suit your needs.

Art Installation

Suitable for indoor events only.  Any subject imaginable. These can be built on site the day before, or for entertainment suspense, can be build during your event as the crowds look on in anticipation of the final result.

Photo Frame

A themed frame from balloons to encourage your guests to take memorable photos of your launch.  See the e-shop for theme ideas or contact me to discuss your product features and benefits.  I can make a custom frame with #yourproduct.

Custom Sculpture

A pre-made sculpture of YOUR product.  Choose any subject matter and I will sculpt it artistically in latex.  See the gallery for past requests.

Diamond Exclusive shirt

A personal touch exclusive to the Diamond Package.  Narelle will design a personalised shirt with YOUR colours and logo to help advertise YOUR product while she works.

Quick System

These are super fast to make, but have over 10 000 variations to suit even fussy guests.  Most designs are wearable, so your hands are free to party on.

Balloon Decor

YOUR colours. YOUR logo on display.  Columns, walls and various room decor elements to help theme any launch.  See the e-shop for ideas or contact me for more ideas suited to YOUR product.

Bottle Buddy (Adults only Exclusive)

There is always a key person responsible for a successful launch.  Acknowledge them with a truly personalised gift.  A bottle of wine presented in a custom made balloon sculpture.

(Giver and receiver must be 18+)

Packages Available

Packages include all balloons and travel within Perth metro. Package tokens can be used for services as above.

Workshop Package

1 hour of sculpting instruction

Balloons pre-inflated for instant fun

Hand pump and a bag of 50 assorted balloons for the guest of honour

Minimum 10 guests

$20 per guest

Diamond Package

3-4 hours of By Request sculptures

Plus four package tokens

Plus EXCLUSIVE custom t-shirt

40 guests to receive sculptures


Add ons to any Package

$100 for half an hour extra (+5 guests)

Free delivery for any e-shop items to the party


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