Quick System Service

Super fast and with around 40 000 variations!

Group Size

60-300 per hour


Indoor or outdoor

VIP suitable

Not really.  Very customizable and theme oriented.

Social Media

Yes.  Although they’re small, they make a crowd look festive pretty quickly.  Little splashes of colour in all you social media photos.


Packages available, scroll down.

Service Type

Staffed by one or more very experienced artists with optional assistants to speed things up.

By Request Service

Personalised sculptures as requested – almost anything goes

Group Size

10-15 per hour


Indoor or Outdoor

VIP suitable

VIPs get special attention, but everyone gets just one

Social Media

Perfect for social media photos of your event.

Price or Package tokens

Packages are available, scroll down.

Service Type

Narelle is capable of making practically everything, but the complexity of sculptures is limited to 3-5 minutes to share the experience.


These two services are my most commonly requested as they offer individual sculptures for each of your guests.

Everyone gets their choice of design and there are MANY to choose from with either service.

What's the difference?

The main difference between these two services is GROUP SIZE.

The Quick System uses a menu and choice of sculpture is restricted (still over 40 000 options though).  It is particularly suitable to small children and special needs as communication is a breeze with the menu.

where is it made?

Both services are made on location and individually for the recipient.

With an assistant, the Quick System pieces can be made in as little as 30 seconds.  The more specialized By Request service is “anything goes” but the complexity of sculptures is limited to 3-5 minutes to share the experience.

Will it pop?

Once the creations leave my hands, you could expect several hours, possibly several days of enjoyment… HOWEVER balloons DO POP.

Grass is the bain of my existance and the mortal enemy of balloons.  As such, many of my creations are wearable, limiting the chance of the grass winning.

What events would these services suit?


The quick system is perfect for large crowds moving through a festival.

Perhaps consider more than one artist to handle large volumes to keep everyone happy.

The quick system is recommended.


Add colour to any dancefloor with these cute wearables. Selections can be modified to suit a theme, such as a Halloween Disco.

The quick system is recommended unless your group size is very small.


Between the wedding and the reception, guests are often left to talk amongst themselves while the wedding party take their special photos.

Make the most of this time to blend the families.  Quick enough to get through the crowd, unique enough to spark conversations, small enough to blend in at the reception, these make for wonderful memory makers.

Choice of service would depend on time available and the age demographics of your guests.

Grand Openings

Do you want to attract families to your grand opening? Want to thank your future customers for coming? Want some great social media photos full of colour and people having fun?

Made quickly, these wearables will fill all these needs and ensure a memorable grand opening event.

The quick system is recommended.

Expo or market stall

Balloons attract people to your stall where you can inform them of your own services.  I can modify the range offered to your needs, emphasising your brand.

Birthday parties

Child or adult – it doesn’t matter to me.  Making your guests something memorable is what I do best.

By request service is recommended. Check out my package deals on the Birthday event page, or the Adult Parties page.

Product launch

Would you like mini balloon versions of your product made right in front of your potential customers?

Perfect for movie premiers too.

The quick system is recommended unless your group size is very small.

Prices for Quick System

See specific event pages to see if there is a Package Deal available. These prices are for just the Quick System on its own.

Prices for by Request

Additional half hour policy

$100 for up to 5 more sculptures will be added at the event if guest numbers are more than the maximum stated in the package.  It is up to the event organiser to limit quantites if more people arrive.  I will not be the one to say “no” to additional requests.

The fine print:  I will stay longer without charge if the package time is up but I have not made at least one sculpture for all the guests that have been included within the package limitations.  To avoid anyone taking advantage of this generosity, requests that I deem to be too time-consuming may be negotiated to a more reasonable request in the available time.  I will happily make ANYTHING if you book it as a Custom Sculpture or Art Installation at the applicable rates.


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