Balloon Twisting Workshop

Hands on fun – with a twist!

Group Size

Unlimited (but not 300 at once)


Indoor please

VIP suitable

No, everyone will be treated equally.

Social Media

Get the cameras ready – great for the newsletter!


$460 for 25 participants plus $8 for each additional participant. Bulk or week long bookings available.
This includes all balloons and transport within the Perth metro area. Country bookings are welcome too.

Service Type

A short show, followed by a hands on workshop.  Supervision for children is expected but adults are welcome to participate.  All adult groups welcome too.


Do you want a new activity to keep you and your kids interested?  I’ve got a boredom busting activity that might just be the thing you are after.

It’s a short show followed by a hands on balloon twisting workshop. Kids and adults alike LOVE this workshop.

where is it made?

YOU make it!  Adult and kid participants welcome.

I preinflate enough balloons so the fun starts straight away, then give clear instructions so that everyone will take away at least three items made by their own hands.  

Will it pop?

Hmmm… usually I say no, but I can’t control every balloon in these workshops, so, probably some will burst.  I use the best quality balloons to minimise this and give some instruction BEFORE handing out the balloons about handling tips to keep pops to a minimum.

Besides, some kids actually enjoy the sound and anticipation. For any participant with special needs (like my son), if this might cause problems, please provide earplugs and appropriate supervision, but everyone is welcome to participate.

What events would these services suit?

birthday party

A workshop is so much fun as a birthday party activity. You can choose to have just a workshop as an activity at your party, or add it onto one of my birthday party packages for a full balloon experience!


Suitable for large groups and families, a workshop is an instant infusion of colour and activity. Run multiple workshops throughout the day or program in one HUGE session from a central stage area.

Shopping Centre

Forget the long lines waiting for a balloon – join in the fun and MAKE IT YOURSELF.  These workshops easily adapt to the shopping centre environment and make planning school holiday activities a breeze.

Contact me for more details.

Adult Party

Why not have a balloon twisting party?  (specially an office party).  I’ll instruct on three basic objects, but then there are plenty of balloons left to make your own… whatever.

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